Thursday, October 21, 2010

new info of the day...

salam....this morning buka je pc mcm biasa la check email company dulu klu ada keje....pastu biasa la buka fb...n seterusnye bula la walking...n for today thank to lady dyn, i dapat new info...

info yang sangat menarik..about your month n kan????
kat sini i just attach my month n my dear je la...klu nak baca lebih lanjut baca kat sini...

June Birth Flower - Rose
The Rose is the birth flower of June and is rich with history and meaning, no other bloom is as evocative.
With over a hundred species of wild roses available, they symbolise love and passion. However, the flower meanings change according to the colour and number of stems in a bouquet, expressing a secret language of love.
The Greeks regarded the rose as the flower of passion. They believed that Aphrodite the goddess of love gave a rose to her son, Eros the god of love.
Rose passion, I love you
Pink: please believe me
Light Pink: admiration, sympathy
White: innocence, purityOrange: you are my secret love
Yellow: jealousy, infidelity
Burgundy: beauty
Blue: mystery
Green: calm
Purple: protection
Its Element: Air
Flower meaning of Rose: symbol of beauty and love, admiration, secret love, passion, mystery.

October Birth Flower - MarigoldThe marigold or calendula is the birth flower of October and follows the path of the
sun throughout the day. They were sometimes called summer bride or husbandmans dial, for this reason. It is also known as garden holligold, bull's eyes, Mary bud, marigold, goldbloom, and pot marigold. The flower heads range from yellow to dark orange/red and its leaves grow from 5 - 20 cm long. The petals are edible, popularly added as a spice or as a garnish to a plate.
Marigolds are cleansing and can be a remedy for bee stings. Early Christians placed the bloom at the statue of the Virgin Mary, calling the flower, Mary’s Gold. In India, the flower was placed around the necks of holy statues, as it was considered most sacred.
Its Element: Air
Flower meaning of Marigold: cruelty, grief, jealousy, sacred affection, my thoughts are with you.

p/s:blogspot ada masalah plak nak upload picture...nanti2 la petang skit edit this entry..nak juga letak d flower...heheheh

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